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Belle Isle Moonshine is a Must

Take a deep breath and keep an open mind, because what I'm about to tell you about moonshine may be far different from what you thought to be true. Belle Isle Moonshine is a must try for anyone interested in spirits, or busting a myth you thought you knew. … [Read More...]


#TBT – Summer on the Farm

I just spent the last three hours sunning myself as I rode around my property - on my mower. It's one of the things I love most about being home for summer on the farm; the smell of freshly cut grass and rows of manicured lawn. I love it. Turns out I … [Read More...]

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The Ubiquitous “We”

When I was jilted and single, the thought of ever entering another relationship that resulted in discarding the "I" for the "we" was alarming and unacceptable. Having devoted my life to the "we" only to realize that a "we" can quickly turn into "me" was not … [Read More...]